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They did an excellent job on my house which sits on a pretty severe slope and is rather difficult terrain to work in. They completed the work in about a day and a half and the work was thorough and I have no issues with the quality. They told me I could contact them to come out to address anything they may have missed at no charge but that has not been necessary. I highly recommend them.

Kenneth P.

Charlies Painting Co painted the exterior of my house in Highlands Ranch. I was very happy with the job. The company was very professional and used quality paint. Victor is very customer serviced oriented. He wants to make sure the customer is completely satisfied with the job his team does. They also have a great warranty. He is very reasonable in the pricing. I liked working with hime. I would definetely recommend him to to others. I will hire him in the future when I need to paint my deck or the interior of my house. He did a great Job!

Ramona F.

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